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NIKE SB give DE LA SOUL DUNK SB modern color

Anyone who has been among intermittent again watching videos of skateboarding skateboarding slip hand ambition memorize those songs, lyrics,favor song, skateboarder and line. Music has always been very important. Over the years, the band Soul De La plays a critical symbol among the slip amid the backdrop.
Open your heart to the infinite possibility
In 1988, from New York Long Island De La Soul released its debut scrapbook"3Feet High and Rising". The scrapbook freedom and creativity still echoes among a current generation of rappers, producers, artists and sleek hands. Three members of the band Poos Dano J (Posdnuos), Dave (Dave) and Masai ou (Maseo) aboard the 1st scrapbook incorporate of unimaginable excerpts of song and intricate and unusual lyrical access open up current areas of hip-hop, open your heart to the infinite possibility.
Nike Dunk was born in 1985. Before the 2002 Dunk SB to re blaze has been the subject of skaters and sneaker collectors. Members of the De La Soul band is Nike AirSafari these early Nike dream of the maximum classic champion, and they are very familiar with the colorful Dunk. How apt draft a couple of agreeable shoes, they have visibly among mind the insights, so they became Nike perfect partner.
Staples technos is Nike chart fans. "In high school when I try apt pop melody and dance, I'm Nike Cortez fans," he said,when I was within De La Soul band members, I finally entered the earth of Dunk."
De La Soul the band members dressed amid Nike shoes to revise unpredictably, the manner and the harsh personal expression, march chargeable courageously within song aboard the road. They tell progress, be daring Give them countless passion and inspiration from New York,apt be their melody apt inspire the imagination of millions of fans, they started a behavior The iconic band have been improving their skills,among craft and fashion Remix scrapbook show their outlook.
The melody into the slide plate
Rap fancier and occupation skateboarder Eric Kersten (EricKoston) actually wish apt reaffirm the importance of the De LaSoul band.
"I acclimate apt be,immediately is still De La Soul fan. From the late 80's apt the early 90's, and they influenced me tremendously, "Kersten said," they were leading figures in the hip hop community. The album masterpiece was really excellent To acquaint you excited apt skate. The good song can make you slide surplus smoothly. "
De La Soul Cheap air jordan 7 band Retro jordans for sale fail apt show restraint creativity caused a slide of the hand of the resonance. Their music has chance a tremendous number of inspired skateboard video soundtrack, skaters with a skateboard pattern expressed adore Kersten's early dress has been inspired by the band's style witnessed their song for an important moment among the Skateboarding Video soundtrack. "The consolidation of the legendary status among De La Soul band among the slide surrounded Kersten said.
Staples technos recognized the alphabetical connection.
"We have always felt namely Cheap nike kyrie 1 never any ties amid creativity,to freely express their. Let the thought, language and behavior are never confined apt the hip hop fans. I think,apt approve the skateboard civilization folk also adopt our melody and let it be their theme melody,improve their skateboarding, "staples technos said," we are from the slip of the hand never enthusiasm. This is why until today I love those who come to us, and share melody because their significance skaters with us."

Beat entire cooperation
In 2005, the fire of the De La SoulNike Dunk Nike tall and cheap because aid version to celebrate air jordan 11 for sale skateboarding and hip hop connection between.
According apt puzder North said,encounter the cooperation from a plan, "we have a show in Santiago. At the same duration,one utmost sports meeting is held, we are invited to see When we hike among the meeting, we pass by the Jordan Shoes For Sale Nike SB compartment Staff recognized us, and we talked because a meanwhile"staples technos said," we invite them apt come apt our show. After the show, they asked if Cheap jordan 7 we wanted apt do a pair of Dunk. We said, 'of lesson!' And so it begins apt collaborate"
Do the modern conversion apt commemorate the 10 anniversary
In array apt acquaint the greatest Nike Dunk SB De LaSoul Nike Dunk designed apt keep pace with the times, the lofty and cheap because assist version conversion surrounded the blueprint behind the re blaze apt commemorate their ten anniversary of publication. The aboriginal version of the Dunk cheap pearly Lebron 12 Shoes leather and printing namely immediately adapt to chart lofty assist version. While the original high assist version of the daisy manner and the elephant printing it namely applied to the cheap altitude version. This is a sly transformation, the nod to the past, and a nod apt the hereafter.
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