Thursday, May 7, 2015

China Wholesale Cell Phones

Millions of businesses around the world rely on China wholesalers to keep their businesses profitable. Cell phones are one of the most sought after and widely used products in the world today, so it is no wonder we are trying to get them as cheap as possible. The best way to get good value cell phones is by buying them wholesale from China – which we shall look at in more detail in today's guide.

Background of Wholesale Cell Phones from China
China boasts the world’s largest electronics industry, and the main product that they manufacture and export is cell phones. A large majority of cell phones that we use in the USA originate from a China wholesaler.
Many major cell phone companies such as Nokia, Sony and Apple iPhones are manufactured in China. They are renowned for their high quality products produced at very low costs. These costs can then be passed onto the customers, which is why many people choose to buy China wholesale cell phones.

Cost of China Wholesale Cell Phones
The cost of cell phones from China wholesalers is generally considerably lower than buying locally – particularly if purchasing in bulk. If you are willing and able to buy large quantities of cell phones from a China wholesaler then you can get them for as little as ten percent of the recommended retail price in stores.
The price typically goes up the less you want to buy – however you will almost always be able to buy them cheaper from a China wholesaler than locally.
Speak to a variety of different China wholesalers before settling on one, as prices can vary drastically between companies. Watch out if prices seem too good to be true – because they probably are!

Types of Wholesale Cell Phones from China
The great thing about buying wholesale cell phones from China is that you have a huge variety to choose from. As the majority of cell phones are manufactured in China, there is very little that you can’t get your hands on.
There are international brand cell phones available, and also Chinese and Asian brands that aren’t typically available overseas on offer. You need to be careful when buying China wholesale phones however, and we shall look at some of the things you need to take into account below.

Advice when Buying China Wholesale Cell Phones
When buying any type of electronic product from overseas you need to be sure of what you will be getting. While most China wholesalers are making sure that their products are suitable for use overseas, not all cell phones sold will work outside of China. They may be locked to only work on Chinese networks, or the power adaptors may not fit American sockets.
Don’t rely on the China wholesaler to advise you as to whether or not the cell phones they sell you will work in your country – you need to do your own research to find out. If possible, ask them for a product sample. This is particularly important if you plan on buying in bulk from them.
You should also make sure that the cell phones you are buying are genuine. There are several scammers operating in China that sell replica brand cell phones that are almost always of poor quality. In some cases China wholesalers will sell old cell phones as new ones.
When importing cell phones purchased from a China wholesale merchant into the USA you will need to check with customs that they are eligible for entry. There are certain safety standards required in the USA for electronic products. It is illegal for you to resell any cell phones that do not meet these safety standards – so you should always check beforehand that the China wholesaler guarantees to meet the American standards (which are much higher than the Chinese).

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