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Wholesale Designer Handbags,How to Buy Designer Purses Wholesale

A designer handbag, whether designed by Gucci, Fendi, Prada, is the first step to great style.

For those boutique owners and bargain shoppers wishing to buy designer purses wholesale or start your own designer wholesale purse business, learn how to build a chic and well-designed designer bag collection in a few steps.

Whether used to add a pop of color to a monochromatic outfit or worn as the latest designer “it bag”, a designer purse—if bought at wholesale—combines style, bargain prices and function in one sleek package.

Choose your wholesale designer handbag style for purchase.

The types of designer purses vary by form and function. Designer purse categories include: hobo, clutch, drawstring, beach, tote, messenger, shoulder, framed and round-handle.
Select handbags that you can sell to your boutique or add to your own handbag collection. Determine the maximum wholesale amount you will spend for each bag and its profit margin for resale.

Investigate current retail wholesale handbag prices.

Visit the leading fashion publications and retail industry magazines for the costs of the purses. Factor in the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price to determine the final cost of each wholesale handbag. The best prices should retail between 50 and 75 percent below retail prices.

Get retail licensing to buy and sell goods in your state.

Offline and online designer purse wholesalers will require a copy of your current business license, and a state’s sales and use form to purchase designer purses wholesale. Call the Sales and Use Tax units of your state’s Revenue department. Determine the costs and qualifications needed for these forms.

Peruse trade shows, auctions, online retailers and fashion discounters for wholesale handbag deals.

Wholesale designer handbag and purse trade shows feature wholesale bags in bulk. Search online for “wholesale designer bags and purses” in your favorite search engines to obtain a list of online trade websites that feature the latest designer handbags for sale.
Websites like and sell wholesale purses and bags. Ask for pictures, product specifications and additional information about inventory before making a purchase.

Qualify for a wholesale buying program.

Before selecting wholesale purses, determine the criteria for making a purchase. Many online wholesalers demand a minimum order between 50 and 350 units for new customers looking for a wholesale process.
Before you fax or email your buyer’s order, call the sales representative for the wholesale handbag line for purchasing and unit requirements.

Place orders for your wholesale designer purses.

Identify the wholesale handbag minimums before purchase. Factor in shipping time and shipping costs to determine the total cost of the wholesale purses. Purchase all wholesale purses using a credit card with fraud and insurance protection.

Tips for Buying Wholesale Designer Handbags

  • Expect to pay anywhere from 50%-80% off retail prices, depending on when and where you purchase your wholesale purses.
  • Ask the retailer if they sell sample packs of wholesale purses. Purchase these purse packs to examine the quality of the designer handbags before placing a larger order.
  • Develop relationships with purse representatives for each handbag line to get major price breaks on large orders.
  • Get on the mailing list for fashion shows to gain insider tips on future wholesale purse merchandise deals.
  • Verify the legitimacy of the wholesaler, before you buy a cheap designer handbag online by speaking to the sales representative and asking for a comprehensive list of business references.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Designer Handbag Buying Tips: How to Choose a High-Quality Designer Handbags

A designer handbag is a woman's most valuable accessory. As a portable office, designer bags are lifestyle necessities for our essentials. A beautiful designer handbag, whether adorned with logos or made from pebbled leather or animal skins, has a major impact on a woman's personal style.
That's why it's important to buy the best quality designer handbag or purse you can afford. Use the following designer handbag buying tips to get the Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton or Prada handbag of your dreams.

Step 1 – Study designer handbag material options.
Bags are fashioned out of 7 basic designer handbags materials like: leather, suede, nylon, patent leather, exotic skins, canvas, and embellishments or embroidery.
Here are a few designer handbag material basics:
  • Patent Leather Designer Handbags -Coated with oils and dried so that the surface shines, patent leather purses and handbags give a retro and classic vibe to your outfit.
  • Nylon Designer Handbags -Nylon is a weather-repellent handbag that is versatile and sturdy. Prada created a nylon knapsack that was the go-to-designer bag in the early 90s.
  • Leather or Suede Designer Handbags -Leather designer bags have breathable and durable material. Good leather can last decades. Famous leather handbags include: the Hermes Birkin, Chloe Paddington Bag, Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag, Yves Saint Laurent Muse Bag.
  • Embellished or Embroidered Designer Handbags – Constructed of diamante, sequins, Swarovski crystals or semiprecious stones, embellished bags are perfect bags for evening and special occasions. These jeweled-encrusted or embroidered materials are featured on stylish satin handbags or on an expensive Judith Leiber Minaudiere.

Step 2 – Examine the leather or outer skin of the designer handbag.

A high-quality handbag should feel smooth when you touch it. Whether it is grainy, embossed or shiny the leather must be substantial and durable.

Step 3 – Look for durable designer handbag straps.

Check for secure and consistent seams or an under strap with no raw or unfinished edges. The straps should feel sturdy enough to hold the weight of the handbag without buckling or breaking.

Step 4 – Check for flawless stitching on your designer handbag.

The size of the stitches should be even, and should run along the seams in a straight line. The seams should not have loose strings or use different colored thread along the inner and outer seams of the designer purse.

Step 5 – Buy sturdy designer handbag hardware

A high-quality designer bag, will have plated brass hardware that snaps and closes easily. This heavy metal will feel solid in your hand and not tarnish. The sign of inferior metals are: tinny, cheap and hollow materials.

Step 6 – Pull the inner lining out of the designer handbag.

A good designer handbag has a high quality inner lining made of leather, sturdy cotton, thick nylon or silk. An inferior bag will have a lining using cheap material that is not durable and rips easily.
To obtain a designer handbag that is the envy of all your fashionable friends, choose a bag that is comfortable to carry, keeps you organized, and is the perfect companion to your existing wardrobe options.

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