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How To Tell A Celine Knockoff Bag By Looking At Just One Photo

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I took a look at the Celine bags sold on eBay right now and I have to say I’ve come across a huge number of replicas! I don’t want to discourage you, I just want to make it easier for you to spot them.

The most upsetting thing about this is that some of the Celine replica bags sold here look worse than your regular Celine bag replica but they’re 2 or 3 times more expensive. Paying $800 or less for a Celine bag may sound like an exciting thought, but don’t be quick to buy it if you want don’t to realize it was actually a Celine knockoff bag when it’s already too late.

I tried to make my how to tell if Celine bag is authentic guides as detailed as I could. But I know that some of you still feel insecure even after checking the guides. But in that case the price should get you thinking. It’s unlikely for a real Celine bag to be sold for less than $1,000 even if it’s used. The only exception is if the bag is very old or heavily used. So the price should be a telltale sign as well.

You should also take advantage of the fact that there are plenty of photos of Celine bags online given their popularity. Look for that specific model you’re interested in and see if you can find a photo on any site. If you can find only photos of replica bags online, then chances are that specific bag never existed in authentic version. Here’s an example:

Celine Nano Luggage Knockoff – Authentic Version Doesn’t Exist

Most importantly, if you don’t want to buy a Celine knockoff bag, make sure you check all the details I told you about. I thought it would be interesting to show you that some replica Celine bags can actually be spotted as faked by looking and just one photo. Disclaimer: all the photos you’ll find in this post were taken from eBay. So you can only imagine just how many Celine knockoff bags are there! I know, it’s scary!

And do you know what is the saddest part about this? Most of these sellers have 100% positive feedback. This means that the feedback is either fake or that the people they’ve previously tricked weren’t able to tell they bought a Celine knockoff bag.

If all replica bags online were advertised as such, everything would be so much easier. But unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, so you either learn to protect yourself or expose yourself to scammers. So here are some of the most common flaws a Celine knockoff bag will have. This should make it easier for you to tell fakes when you see them.

Sometimes it’s the logo, other times it’s the lining, the shape of the handle holders or even the base studs. And other times it’s all these combined if it’s a really bad replica. Just don’t get carried away by the fact that one of these is how it should, check the rest too. For example, a replica Celine bag can have a perfect logo stamp but maybe the bottom studs are crooked. You get the point.

Simple rule about the lining: a Celine Mini Luggage bag in smooth leather will always have smooth leather lining. For me it was enough to look at the photo above to tell it was a Celine knockoff bag. But then you can also notice that the stamp is smudgy or that the zipper pull is too wide and rounded. This bag is being sold for $850.00.

Celine Knockoff Bag found on eBay

Now look at this other Celine knockoff bag. Just because it has a tag, it doesn’t mean it’s authentic. On the contrary, just by looking at this picture you can see that the front stamp is wrong and that the front pocket stitching is too rounded. The bottom edges of the pocket stitching should be just a bit curved, not this rounded. This is being sold for $799.00.

Replica Celine Phantom Bag found on eBay

I honestly couldn’t believe this one: this fake Celine Phantom bag is being sold for no less than $1,699! Can you believe that? This has to be one of the worst fake Celine bags I’ve ever seen on eBay! This Celine knockoff bag should cost like $100 tops and someone actually has the nerve to ask this kind of money for it! I’m in shock. If you’re still wondering what is wrong with this bag, the answer is everything. Oh my god, these people are just the worst.

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China Wholesale Diamond Rings

Diamonds are a girl's best friend – and it is this sentiment that has meant the diamond industry is one of the most stable and important in the world. Topping the list of diamond uses are diamond rings. Diamond rings are an extravagant purchase, which is why many people try to buy them from China wholesalers – particularly if you are looking to resell at a profit. In this guide we shall look in more detail at buying China wholesale diamond rings.

Background of China's Diamond Industry
When people think of the diamond industry they rarely think of China as a leader. However, you’ll be surprised at how strong the diamond industry is in China. In fact, while many countries in the world are seeing a decline in diamond sales, China has seen a 29.9 percent rise in the sale of diamonds since the beginning of 2010.
The diamond industry in China is relatively new and has only recently become a world player in the diamond game. In 2008 alone the Shanghai Diamond Exchange reported 1.31 billion USD of transactions both domestically and internationally.
While diamond rings are not a traditionally popular item in Chinese culture, China is making the most of the desire for them overseas. China is probably best known for its manufacturing industries and its ability to produce quality products at unbeatably low prices. In recent years it has become increasingly common for retailers and individuals to source their diamond rings from China wholesalers.

Why Buy Wholesale Diamond Rings from China
What are the benefits of buying wholesale diamond rings from China? The main reason people choose to purchase their diamond rings from China wholesalers is the cost. China offers fantastic value for money on all of the items they produce – including diamond rings.
Cheap labor, world-class factories and readily available natural resources has meant that China wholesale diamond rings can be produced at the fraction of the cost that they can be made in countries such as the USA. These savings are then passed onto their customers.
Many people are worried about the quality of purchasing diamond rings from China wholesalers, and rightly so. Diamond rings are a luxury item and you wouldn’t want to spend money on products that aren’t of the best quality. Generally, China wholesalers provide great quality items. However, if you plan on buying large quantities you should always ask for a sample product to check the quality before buying lots. At the very least you should make sure that the China wholesaler offers a rock-solid returns policy in case you don’t receive exactly what you expected.

How to Profit from China Wholesale Diamond Rings
The great thing about the low cost of China wholesale diamond rings is that they give you a huge potential to make large profits. Diamond rings can sell for a lot of money, so the cheaper you can buy them the more money you can make.
Generally, the more you can buy in one go the cheaper they become. China wholesalers can offer such great value diamond rings because they sell in bulk. The cheaper you can buy the diamond rings for the larger your profit margin.
The best way to profit from China wholesale diamond rings is by opening up an e-store or selling through an online auction site. Millions of people around the world now shop online as they know that’s the best place to find a bargain. Additionally you have very minimal overheads so you can simply reap the rewards.
There are hundreds of China wholesalers that stock diamond rings online – so do some research and find a trustworthy online wholesaler to buy from. Make sure that they are registered with the BIC and offer a secure payment method.