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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Check Gucci Authenticity: A Few Starting Points

There are a lot of fake Gucci bags online given the fact that they are so sought-after nowadays. So either if you’re looking for the real deal or good Gucci replica bags, I think these Gucci authenticity tips will help you out.

Gucci Authenticity – Common Features

First of all, let’s start with the inside tag. All Gucci bags except the vintage ones feature a leather inside tag with the “Gucci Made in Italy” stamp on it and a registered trademarked circled “R”. So getting to know the font, deepness, spacing, positioning of the logo and that of the circled R really well will prove to be extremely useful for many Gucci styles. First of all, you need to make sure the font is correct and that the letters don’t touch each other. And here’s an interesting Gucci authenticity tip: the left side of the “U” in Gucci should be thicker than the right. But you should also check the letters “G” and the two Cs carefully.
Gucci Stamp Zoom
Another interesting thing about this leather tab/label is that the seams across it match the color of the lining, not the color of the leather! But on any other leather trim on the bag the stitching should match the color of the leather.
Authentic Gucci Padlock Blooms Shoulder Bag Tag Stitching
Authentic Gucci Padlock Signature Bag Inside Tag Stitching Color
The serial number should be on the back of this leather tabs and feature two rows of 6 numbers that are embossed close together. Make sure both rows are centered. Again, this rule does not apply to vintage Gucci bags!

Gucci Serial Number Font and Format
Gucci replica bags have really blossomed this year, with all the new beautiful designs that have been released. The already iconic Dionysus bag, the Sylvie bag, the GG Marmont bag or the Gucci Padlock bag and all their numerous variations are some of the most coveted replica bags of the moment.
As I’ve told you before, if you’re trying to learn more about Gucci authenticity, the first site you should start your research with is the official Gucci site. They are quite generous with the pictures they show of each bag, which is really useful if you want to study the details of a certain Gucci bag.
If you are interested in Monogram Gucci bags, then the first thing you need to check is the Monogram GG canvas, of course. And here are some Gucci authenticity tips for you: even though the two Gs face each other and are really close, they should not be touching. Then you can notice that the horizontal line of each G forms a shape that looks like a triangle (reversed for the left G).
Gucci Authenticity Tip: Monogram Canvas Unique Detail
The same rules apply to the Gucci Guccissima leather as well. But please take into account that even though some guides say that the Monograms should line up even where the sides are stitched together, this is not true (just like in the case of the Monogram LV bags). What is true though is that the GGs will be the same throughout the handbag, which means the letters will have the same size, shape and font.
Here’s the bottom of the Gucci GG Supreme duffle bag. Notice how the monograms don’t line up around the stitching? Just so you know, I took the photo from the official Gucci site:
Authentic Gucci GG Supreme Duffle – Monogram Are Not Symmetric
I know there are a lot of articles on how to check Gucci authenticity online and that can be confusing. Please keep in mind that many of these guides were written years ago, so some of the information there might not apply to new Gucci styles. Let’s take the fake Gucci duffle bag for example because I know this is still one of the most popular styles from the brand.
Finding cheap Gucci luggage used to be easier before for a reason. The Gucci Duffle bag made of canvas had textile lining and therefore the costs were not very high either. But things are different with the new Gucci duffle bags. The interior is made from “microfiber lining with a suede-like finish” which is harder to copy and also more expensive. So if you’re looking for cheap Gucci luggage, maybe you should stick to the older pieces.
New Gucci GG Caleido Duffle Luxurious Lining
You should, of course, check to see if the stitching is smooth and even. If you find uneven or sloppy stitching, the bag is probably a fake. Another general Gucci authenticity tip is to check the hardware engravings: clasps, zippers, bottom stud, hooks or any other engraved piece of hardware. The engraving should be clean, clear and the weight of the hardware is also important because authentic Gucci hardware is made of solid metal, so it should be on the heavy side. Needless to say that authentic Gucci hardware doesn’t rust or chip off.
Gucci Hardware Engraving
I’m sorry I wasn’t able to offer more tips on Gucci authenticity for vintage bags. But I don’t feel like I have enough information, so I think it’s the right thing to do.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

LV Knockoffs Review: Monogram Joy With Sunglasses Case, Emilie Wallet And 6 Key Holder!

As I already mentioned in the previous review, Tina already sounded like a reliable seller for Louis Vuitton replica bags. Still, but really needed more conformations. And this new LV knockoffs review didn’t confirm just the quality of her products, but also that of the customer service. She is a great seller to deal with and that’s really important!

Buying knockoff handbags is stressful for most people, so good communication with the seller really helps a lot to make the entire process easier.

LV Knockoffs Seller Feedback

Tina is very reliable. I have been ordering from her for a year now and yes she has had quite a few Alli sites that gets shut down. However, she runs one now just for payments much the same way as Fang operates so you can choose from her albums and then pay by credit card on her Alli Store. She has a couple difference albums. I have the GST, Red Jumbo, a Mini Flap and a LV Sunglasses Case.
While they may not be as authentic quality as UB LV knockoffs, they are still excellent quality for an extremely great price.
Shipping is amazingly fast. She answers all questions and I really like her.

Louis Vuitton Replica SLGs Review

I told you I would send some pics of my Louis Vuitton replica items that I ordered from Tina.
These came in two shipments with shipping charges included in the prices. Shipping is extremely fast even to Canada.
Here is the Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Case MM, Emilie Wallet and the 6-ring Key holder with the fuchsia interior. The canvas is a bit matte on the wallet and key holder as compared to my other LV’s but the sewing and stamping are nice. I am pleased with them.

LV Replica Small Leather Goods Photo Review

Fake LV Monogram Emilie Wallet
LV Replica Emilie Wallet Pockets
Louis Vuitton Replica Emilie Wallet – Fuchsia Interior
Fake LV 6 Key Holder
Louis Vuitton Replica 6 Key Holder Fuchsia Interior
Fake Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Case
So once again, good feedback on Tina’s LV knockoffs! I’m so happy she has proven to be trustworthy yet again because you all know that sellers like this are not easy to find! If you have more lv bags review for Tina’s Louis Vuitton knockoffs, please share them!
Just wanted to let you know that you can find more LV knockoffs in her Yupoo album than on the site, so it’s better to check that first if you want to see all the products. The site is not very well-optimized and her AliExpress store got shut down.
As I said before, she doesn’t have a lot of LV knockoffs or other replica brands, but I’m thinking that the ones she does have are good.
But aside from the quality of the LV knockoffs, it’s really great to hear Tina is a trustworthy and helpful seller with really good customer service. In many cases the quality of the customer support is just as important as the quality of the products.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

China Wholesale Tools

China has a very strong tool industry that is expected to see even more growth over the next few years. The main advantage China wholesaler have over foreign counterparts is the low prices they can offer. However, with the rising cost of materials and labor it is becoming increasingly hard for China wholesalers to keep their prices that low.
Despite that, China’s tool industry is booming and there are very few countries that can compete with the price and quality of the products they sell.
A large number of the tools we buy in retail stores and use at work have originated from a China wholesaler.

Many of the world’s leading tool companies have factories and distributors based in China. Additionally, many large home and department stores source their tools from China wholesalers. For example, Sears, Home Depot, Aldi and Task are some of the biggest customers for tools from China wholesalers.
Types of China Wholesale Tools
China produces a wide variety of tools that can be bought from China wholesalers. Whether it’s heavy machinery, garden tools or hand tools for use around the home – they can be bought from a China wholesaler.

How to Profit from China Wholesale Tools
Buying China wholesale tools can be a good way to make profit as a business. Many people run online stores selling power tools and hand tools and they source their products from a China wholesaler.
Tools can be very expensive to ship, as they are typically quite heavy. It is often not cost efficient for you to import tools from China if you are selling them online – as you will also need storage space. Many China wholesalers offer a drop shipping option, which means that you don’t need to store the tools – instead, when a customer places an order with you the wholesaler will ship the tools directly to them.
If you run a retail store and are sourcing your tools from a local wholesaler, then you may want to look at getting them from a China wholesaler. China wholesalers typically offer considerably lower priced tools – which in turn will maximize your profit margin. If you buy in bulk you can save even more.

Do I need to buy in Bulk to get China Wholesale Tools?
No, you don’t need to buy in bulk to get China wholesale tools. The minimum quantities vary between wholesalers – some with no minimum quantities and others with much higher quantities.
Generally, the more tools you buy in one lot the cheaper they are per item. However, you can still buy in small quantities and get a lower price than buying for retail price locally.
Online auctions are a good place to find wholesale tools from China if you don’t want to buy in bulk. Often the China wholesaler will put up surplus stock online giving you the opportunity to get a bargain.

Safety Precautions for China Wholesale Tools
Yours and your customers’ safety should always come first – so doing the necessary health and safety checks on any potential wholesale tool purchases is essential. The legal safety standards in China are lower than those in the USA. If you import a huge quantity of tools from a China wholesaler that do not meet these standards, then it will be illegal (and unsafe) for you to resell them – costing you a lot of money in the process.
Most major China wholesalers now ensure all of their products meet international safety standards, but always ask for a sample product before buying in bulk and have it checked by a registered electrician.