Saturday, May 7, 2016

China Wholesale Tools

China has a very strong tool industry that is expected to see even more growth over the next few years. The main advantage China wholesaler have over foreign counterparts is the low prices they can offer. However, with the rising cost of materials and labor it is becoming increasingly hard for China wholesalers to keep their prices that low.
Despite that, China’s tool industry is booming and there are very few countries that can compete with the price and quality of the products they sell.
A large number of the tools we buy in retail stores and use at work have originated from a China wholesaler.

Many of the world’s leading tool companies have factories and distributors based in China. Additionally, many large home and department stores source their tools from China wholesalers. For example, Sears, Home Depot, Aldi and Task are some of the biggest customers for tools from China wholesalers.
Types of China Wholesale Tools
China produces a wide variety of tools that can be bought from China wholesalers. Whether it’s heavy machinery, garden tools or hand tools for use around the home – they can be bought from a China wholesaler.

How to Profit from China Wholesale Tools
Buying China wholesale tools can be a good way to make profit as a business. Many people run online stores selling power tools and hand tools and they source their products from a China wholesaler.
Tools can be very expensive to ship, as they are typically quite heavy. It is often not cost efficient for you to import tools from China if you are selling them online – as you will also need storage space. Many China wholesalers offer a drop shipping option, which means that you don’t need to store the tools – instead, when a customer places an order with you the wholesaler will ship the tools directly to them.
If you run a retail store and are sourcing your tools from a local wholesaler, then you may want to look at getting them from a China wholesaler. China wholesalers typically offer considerably lower priced tools – which in turn will maximize your profit margin. If you buy in bulk you can save even more.

Do I need to buy in Bulk to get China Wholesale Tools?
No, you don’t need to buy in bulk to get China wholesale tools. The minimum quantities vary between wholesalers – some with no minimum quantities and others with much higher quantities.
Generally, the more tools you buy in one lot the cheaper they are per item. However, you can still buy in small quantities and get a lower price than buying for retail price locally.
Online auctions are a good place to find wholesale tools from China if you don’t want to buy in bulk. Often the China wholesaler will put up surplus stock online giving you the opportunity to get a bargain.

Safety Precautions for China Wholesale Tools
Yours and your customers’ safety should always come first – so doing the necessary health and safety checks on any potential wholesale tool purchases is essential. The legal safety standards in China are lower than those in the USA. If you import a huge quantity of tools from a China wholesaler that do not meet these standards, then it will be illegal (and unsafe) for you to resell them – costing you a lot of money in the process.
Most major China wholesalers now ensure all of their products meet international safety standards, but always ask for a sample product before buying in bulk and have it checked by a registered electrician.

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