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China Wholesale Purses, Designer handbags, cheap luxury bags

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Purses are an essential daily item for most women. Purses come in all shapes and sizes and range from very traditional through to the latest weird and wonderful fashions. For a retailer, purses are a dream come true. They are always in demand and it is easy to sell them. To maximize your profits, the best place to source purses is from a China wholesaler.

Why Buy China Wholesale Purses?
China is renowned for offering a wide range of products at a fraction of the cost of buying it anywhere else. If you run a retail business then the key way to increase your profits is by buying your products at as low a price as possible.
If you want variety then look no further than China wholesalers. Literally hundreds of thousands of different purses are made in China every year – so you’ll always find the perfect one for you or your customers.
China wholesalers have some of the best experience of working with international, English-speaking customers – so they are more than capable of working with you. Many purse wholesalers from other countries do not have English-speaking sales representatives making it hard for you to communicate with them.

Can I buy China Wholesale Purses without buying in bulk?
Yes, the great thing about the internet is that you can now get hold of China wholesale purses without having to buy in huge quantities.
Although you will get the best prices by buying in bulk, you can still save a lot of money on purses through buying them from a China wholesaler. You can find China wholesalers that sell small quantities of purses on the internet – particularly through online auction websites.

How to Make Money from China Wholesale Purses
If you want to profit from China wholesale purses then there are plenty of opportunities for you. Purses are a very popular item to buy around the world – so there is always a market for them.
China wholesalers specialize in selling in bulk – so as a retailer you will get the lowest possible prices on the purses, giving you the opportunity to maximize your profits. A benefit of choosing purses to sell in your online or brick-and-mortar store is that they are light in weight and small in size – minimizing shipping and storage costs.
If you are running an online store you can arrange for dropshipping with your China wholesaler. Most of them offer this service, and this will completely eliminate storage costs and minimize shipping.
Before buying purses from a China wholesaler you should always assess your market to establish whether your products will sell. If you have an online store you have the benefit of having access to a worldwide market, so more things will sell. If you are selling in a local store then you will need to choose your purses more carefully to fit with the local demand.

Fake China Wholesale Purses
The main issue you need to be aware of when buying China wholesale purses, is counterfeit products. Many factories in China produce copies of popular designer brands’ purses. These can look very realistic and in many cases it can be almost impossible to tell real from fake.
It is illegal for you to import and sell counterfeit designer purses, so always make sure that if you are buying branded purses that they are from an authorized wholesaler. Contact the brand headquarters directly to confirm prior to making a purchase. Many top designer brands do not have authorized wholesalers in China – and are very strict about who can resell their products.

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