Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Which Bag Brand Is Your Favorite Right Now?

Handbags are perhaps women's best companion. Not only do they help them carry their cosmetics, money and other accessories, but also lends a chic and classy appeal to their appearance. If you are getting ready for a party, you have surely chosen the best dress, shoes, and jewelry from your collection to complement your personality. But if you forget your handbag, there will always be something missing.

Luxury Handbags: Icons Of Class And Style

Luxury bag brands are mushrooming in the market throughout the globe. The materials, designs, and colors of these bags give them an unparalleled position in a number of ways. The reason is simple: the cheapjack handbags from a roadside market fail to give you the same degree of comfort and appeal as the luxurious and expensive brands. Moreover, most of the conventional and non-premium brands don’t last long, thus making you feel that you have wasted your hard-earned dollars.

But for fashionistas who are very conscious about what accessories they use, some luxury bag brands never fail to miss their list of favorites. With their unrivaled class and excellent quality, some luxury brands have carved a strong niche for themselves in the handbag segment.

The Bag Brands You Cannot Resist

If you are a lover of handbags, these brands are sure to fall somewhere in your favorite list.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one the world’s leading fashion brands that has catered to the need of both men and women across the globe. It has been on the market for over a century now and is ranked amongst the costliest fashion brands in the world. Louis Vuitton handbags are considered a status symbol amongst fashion-savvy women around the globe. Not only does the brand showcase itself as a pioneer of many classy and elegant handbags, but also acts socially responsible by tackling counterfeiting. Louis Vuitton handbags are lauded globally for their upmarket appeal and style.


If you really want to experience uncompromising standards of bags, Balenciaga is perhaps the right choice for you. The French fashion company has been revolutionizing the fashion industry by offering handbags and purses that surpass expected standards. Balenciaga purses have been a part of Spanish royal women’ fashion for years, but they have crossed boundaries to garner wows of women throughout the world. With their chic and elegant appearance, Balenciaga purses can simply add an air of class and sophistication around you.


Gucci is an Italian luxury brand that has come a long way in the fashion and leather goods segment. The Gucci bags are luxury bags in their true essence. But they are suitable for almost every occasion. Whether you want to stroll through the market or attend your friend’s wedding party they are perfect. These bags are expensive, but the craftsmanship, quality, and design vindicate the price tag on every bag. As a biggest-selling Italian brand, Gucci markets its bags as premium products. The variety of colors and designs push Gucci higher and higher in the list of luxury brands around the globe. And make fashionistas go gaga over them.


Prada is another Italian luxury brand that has been shaping the fashion sense of people around the world. Prada’s decades of experience in the luxury handbag segment has given the brand a premium position. It’s a fact that Prada purses are undoubtedly expensive. But their style and elegance cannot be resisted by fashion-conscious ladies out there. The brand has crossed international boundaries and created a distinct niche for itself in the global luxury handbag segment. Prada purses are an icon of style and class amongst fashionistas around the globe. Their superior quality and peerless designs make Prada purses the most coveted accessories for women.

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