Sunday, May 21, 2017

Why Do People Buy Replica Bags ?

Owning luxury goods is part of social interaction and a person who owns a lot of luxury goods is often thought of as someone respectable in the society. The need for buying luxury items has created a competition among manufacturers and even those that don’t produce luxury goods are producing replicas. Buying replica is not an immorality but most of the times, the manufacturer who make the product do so illegally. Replica goods are usually found on the streets or in smaller shops on discounts. I, for example, make my research well before I do my replica bags shopping from a place, be it online or physical. I don’t like to be fooled, so I make sure to choose a trustworthy shop. Please, do the same.

Some of the first things that catch the eye are dress, gadgets, shoes and bags. The last ones are especially important for women because they view them as a need. It’s easy to show-off a Gucci than some unknown brand. Also, people tend to associate the brand with the standard of living. Carrying branded bags indicates financial stability and its part of human nature to mix with those who have financial stability.

Why Do People Buy Replica Bags?

1. They Need To Be Accepted

Everyone in this world wants to be accepted as part of the society and this need has led to various competitions. More than often, choices are based on whether it will be “appropriate” for others or not. Advertisement of luxury bags often shows how one is loved and respected when he/she carries that particular bag. In the subconscious mind, a notion gets created that brand equals respect. Those that can’t afford the original look for alternatives. And the market is filled with replicas. With the same color combination, same style and even the same logo, it becomes hard to separate the replica from the original.

2. They Simply Like Replica Bags

Some people buy replica bags because they simply like them. And since they can’t afford the original one, they choose to buy a replica. A replica bag is available at almost a quarter of the original price. Since the replica looks the same as the original one, it becomes the best option for them. Sometimes, manufacturers themselves come out with a cheaper version of the same product. It usually happens in gadgets like phones. Asus has done that many times and so has other companies. Similarly, big brands like Gucci, Versace and Louis Vuitton have their own line of cheaper alternatives. Then there are bag companies that borrow the styles from famous designers. They are not the exact replica of the actual bags but they can easily replace the more expensive bags.

3. It's A Cheaper Option And A Great Way To Save Money

Replicas also allow people who can afford to buy the original to save money. There are some that deliberately look for cheaper options that replicate the design of their choice. It is one of the strategies to save money. It is uncommon for luxury bags to be available on sale and even if they are available, the rush itself will be enough to look to replicas.


Buying replica bags is a trend among many people around the world. First, it is a cheaper option for those looking for the same design and logo. Second, carrying expensive bags is a sign of social acceptance. Since people tend to frown upon those who carry bags from unknown brands or brands that are associated with cheap stuff, it has become important to showcase expensive brands. The need for acceptance and a sense of belonging leads to a search for replicas. Then there are the ones who buy replicas because they want to save money. It’s obvious that the original costs more and many people don’t want to spend that much on one bag. So, they settle for replica instead. Whatever may be the reason, people buy replicas and it is the truth.
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Happy replica shopping!

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