Top 10 China Luxury Brands

Do you know that there are many famous Chinese local sports brands, such as Lining and Anta? And some brands are also very popular in many foreign countries. Below is a list of the top 10 most popular China sports brands, can you find them in your country?
1. Li Ning 李宁
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Li Ning is one of the major sports brands in China, mainly offering sporting products including footwear, sportswear, equipment and accessories. The brand was created in 1990 by Li Ning under his name, who was a former Chinese Olympic gymnast. The brand has established an extensive retail distribution network in China.
2. Anta 安踏
Established in 1994, Anta is a famous sports brand in mainland China. Its products include sports shoes, sports clothing and accessories. The brand has an extensive distribution network in second and third tier cities in China.
3. 361°
361 degree 
Established in 2003, 361° is one of China’s fastest growing sportswear brands. Its sports brand ranges include sport shoes, clothing and relevant sport accessories. It operates over 7800 outlets throughout China as 2013.
4. PEAK 匹克
Peak brand 
PEAK is a Chinese sportswear company founded in 1989. PEAK was the first Chinese sporting brand to display its commercials at NBA games with Rockets from 2005. T PEAK has become an international brand. The brand owns more than 7000 retail shops in China.
5. ERKE 鸿星尔克
erke brand 
ERKE is a professional sportswear brand based in Xiamen, China. It has opened over 8000 exclusive shops in China and hundreds of retail branches in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide.
6. Qiaodan 乔丹
Qiaodan is a Fujian-based sportswear and footwear brand. The brand booms in China’s second-tier sports markets just after first-class sports brands Li-Ning and Anta. Qiaodan brand currently owns about 6,000 shops in China. The brand name “Qiaodan” itself is the Chinese equivalent of the name “Jordan”.
7. Xtep 特步
xtep china 
Xtep is a leading domestic fashion sportswear company headquartered in Quanzhou, Fujian. The brand owns sports products including sports shoes, clothes, bags, hats, balls and stockings. At present Xtep has more than 7,500 franchise outlets throughout China.
8. Kbird 贵人鸟
Kbird brand 
Built in 1987, Kbird is a famous Chinese sports brand. The brand manily provides sport shoes, T-shirts, and jackets. The brand runs more than 5,000 retail shops in China.
9. Kinglike 金莱克
kinglike brand 
Kinglike is a China sports brand founded in 1991. The brand mainly offer products including underwear and sportswear, which mainly are sold in the supermarkets.
10. Deerway 德尔惠
Deerway brand 

Located in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, Deerway is a well-known sports brand producing shoes, apparel and accessories. It owns thousands of exclusive stores and sales outlets through China.

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